Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Phew! I'm so glad that the holidays are finished. Every year it's so exciting to have the holidays and see family members, but once it's over you're happy. It can be overly stressful and a lot of work depending on what part your play in the planning, buying, making, or wrapping.

Today was my family's Christmas. In my last post I showed pictures of two of the gifts I was making for my mom and sister. They both loved their gifts! Unfortunately, I over estimated the size of my mom's wrist so I will be fixing the chain, but she's wondering if she wants to wear it as an anklet so in that case I can always add some larger chain to it so that it can be worn around her ankle with no problems.

I also finally finished my sister's best friend's Dr. Who scarf! WOW!!! I did not realize that it would take so much effort, time, and discipline to finish it in less than 30 days. I used a patter from this site: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/s12.html and it turned out beautifully. I used my Martha Stewart knitting loom to knit the scarf. I am not an avid knitter, but decided to take on the project to help her save $13 on the scarf. In the directions it says that it's completely done in garter stitch (one row = one row purl + one row knit) which I did not know. After finding that out about halfway of knitting, I realized that the scarf was not as long as it was supposed to be. It originally was supposed to be a 10 foot scarf and half way through knitting it was only three in a half feet. After re-reading the directions I realized I was supposed to take the number of rows and multiply them by two! Well luckily, my sister wasn't too upset. Instead, it ended up being six feet long with the tassels attached to it and was a compact Dr. Who scarf. I'm very pleased with how it turned out since I don't knit very often.

Before I log off here's a picture of my cute little dachshund, Zelda!

Happy holidys and see you in 2013!

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