First posts are always the hardest to figure out what to say.

A little about myself:
  1. I am an official home owner for the first time.
  2. I'm a student studying psychology and hoping to graduate in a year.
  3. My fiancé and I are raising one miniature dachshund and three cats.
  4. I'm soon to become a step-mother to two amazing children.
  5. I'm a photographer on the side with my sister as an assistant.
 Since I've moved in the past month Christmas presents are being handmade almost completely. I figured my first post should be my makings.

 This Quill Bookmark is for my awesome sister. She just recently got a tattoo of a quill on her forearm and it is quite remarkable. When I saw this bookmark I knew that I had to get it. The large black bead represents the colour of ink, the green beads are one of her favourite colours and the coiled wire represents imagination.
This beautiful Dragonfly Bracelet is for my mother. She loves dragonflies and doesn't really have anything with dragonflies on it. When I found this charm on Etsy I squealed with joy! My mom doesn't wear a lot of clothing in colour, but mostly black, white, gray, and sometimes yellow. So this charm was very simple and a I added the green beads to add a splash of colour to her outfit when she wears it. It's a piece that isn't too risky, but still beautiful on it's own.

At this time I'm also knitting a six foot Dr. Who scarf for my sister's best friend. On Thursday I should be finished knitting it, but then there's the weaving in the ends and adding the tassels. Phew! It's hard work being crafty!

Until next time, adieu!

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