I have been a busy woman!

In the last few months I have been quite busy with getting settled in my new home (aka. Greenhouse on Broadway), work, being exhausted from said work, and recently crocheting!  I've always dabbled in the art of crocheting and wanted to get better, but it never really clicked for me. Until recently.

Last month I was invited to a pink and purple owl themed baby shower for a coworker of mine. It's her first child and she is very ecstatic. I was also ecstatic because that I meant I got to bust out my yarn stash and needles! I was procrastinating the last few months on making her a hat, but also because I had never really made a baby hat. How hard could it be, right? Well I discouraged myself and decided well maybe I'll just do some other super creative baby gift. I was going to do that until my friend at work told me that the mother-to-be was very excited to receive a hat from me. At that point I made it a mission to make sure this mama bear got a gorgeous hat for her little girl.

So on to the hats!

Of course I had to make a themed hat for her baby girl!

Simple beanie with a large pink flower.
Pattern for flower: http://rosehip.typepad.com/rose_hip_blog/2007/09/september-blur.html (I only made two layers of petals.)

A tiny diva-rific turban.

My very first à la crème beret with a yellow bow.
Pattern: Next Blog Post

Close-up of my very first bow!
Pattern: Next Blog Post

Converse Shoes just like mommy.

I'm very excited about my first baby hats that I've ever made, and my very first pattern I've written. Also, I've never made booties so that was an adventure. I'd say all in all it was a very exciting baby shower for her. For only two weeks of crocheting like a mad woman I'd say I did pretty good.

In my next post I'll put up my 'À là crème' newborn beret with bow pattern.

Hook on!

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