Happenings around the green house

So last week I posted three patterns I'd worked on, and wanted to share with the world. This week I'm working on making my À Là Crème Newborn Beret Pattern into an adult size from a request on Ravelry. As of right now, I'm almost finished crocheting the diameter of the hat and hopefully will be moving smoothly into creating the length. *Fingers crossed*

Last week, I finished one of my craziest/fun hats I've taken on as a challenge. I created a Rainbow Unicorn Earflap Hat. The beanie I created with my own pattern and with some assistance from a few patterns across the web I was able to create my own patterns for the horn and ears. Of course, I had to put a pink bow on it since it was for a girl : )

I'm in love with this hat so much! I almost couldn't send it to Texas.

My friend loves it and is rocking it out while we both finish our training as Apple at home advisors. Hopefully all is well for everyone! Let me know what's going on with you, and what you like about my site so far or suggestions!

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