Petite Bow Pattern

In my last post I published my 'À Là Crème Newborn Beret' pattern. Inside that pattern is a bow that is attached to it. I didn't like the instructions I had presented so I decided to re-write it.

Petite Bow Pattern

Red Heart Super Saver (any color)
4.0mm Hook
Tapestry Needle

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
FO - fasten off

R1: ch 11, turn
R2 - 9: sc in second st from hook, ch 1, turn (10)
FO, leave a long tail for wrapping and to attach.
*While sewing this bow together do not pull too tightly. You will have a hard time folding the sides if it's too tight.*

After row 9 fasten off and leave a long tail to wrap the center of the bow and to sew onto project.

Fold square in half.

Insert your tapestry needle inside a stitch between rows 3 and 4. Sew three stitches to the left and sew back to the original stitch.

Fold the top fold towards yourself.

Insert needle into original fold to the top flap of the new fold.

Bring the needle back through toward yourself.

Insert needle away from your one more time.

Finally, fold the second flap and insert needle into the two flaps and center fold.

After sewing, the back of the bow should look like this. Cut your yarn and leave a long tail for wrapping.

Wrap the center of the bow with the tail. (This is the back of the bow)

After wrapping the center, tuck the tail into the back of the bow three or four times to secure your wraps.

There you have it folks! My 'Petite Bow' for you all to enjoy!

Happy Hooking Everyone!

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