Error, Error, Error... Ah shit! Poor Project 3

Last week I decided to try and circular weave a multi-color hat. The circular weave that I came across online was so absolutely gorgeous that I had to re-create it. I spent all week researching and find as much information as possible on how to weave on a round knitting loom. I have a stash of knitting looms in my craft room and finding the perfect loom for my large head was crucial haha.

After picking out a loom, I set off to set up the warp threads and begin my very first weaving project. At first it was a bit frustrating trying to figure out why it wasn't working. After a few trials and errors, I finally realized the number of warp threads was one too few. When I finally nailed the counting, it was easy sailing..... until I started to get to the end.

One of the warp threads starting to unravel and unfortunately there is not much information online about fixing a warp thread on a knitting loom haha. I had to stop weaving in order preserve the project until I can find a suitable solution to fixing the thread.

So enough with my silly rant and on to some pictures!

Up close shots of the weaving detail.

.... damn warp thread!

My weaving is a little wonky, but for a first timer I'm pretty fuckin' proud!

What I learned from this project:
  1. Weaving is soooo relaxing!
  2. This takes less thought and future planning than other projects I've done.
  3. I can do this while doing my job! HAHA
  4. I'm in love with the color teal.... I need more teal in my life!
  5. I can't wait to wear this damn thing!

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