It's Time to Start my "52 Projects in 2015"!

I'm so happy to finally have the mental capacity to start crafting and blogging again. Unfortunately, my job had taken a toll on me. I finally received a slower paced position and have learned to not give 110% to my job. This year is all about me and being happy!

I've decide that this year instead of choosing New Year's Resolutions to "change" in myself, I would choose 52 crafts that I've been drooling over on Pinterest for the past 2 years. It's time to take action instead of wishing I was doing them.

What I hope to learn from this experience:

  1. How to learn to let go of perfection.
  2. New craft techniques.
  3. To create things for myself and not always for others.
  4. To take action instead of wishing/daydreaming.
  5. What makes me.... well me.

Each craft that I have chosen has a special spot in my life, whether it's to learn a craft I've been wanting to know, something I need in my home, a craft I want to perfect, or a craft I've been meaning to pick back up.

I hope this may inspire others to start doing what they want and make there way to a craftier life.

Good luck to everyone who tries and may the odds be ever in your favor!

I reserve no copyrights to photos or tutorials posted above. All projects listed are inspiration to doing my crafting resolution.

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