The First of Many.... Project 1!

This week I have completed my first project. I am feeling quite accomplished that I was able to plan the time, take photos, and be giddy with excitement every time I look at my work.

I decided to start smaller this week and crochet my Apple chargers for my iPhone 4 and pink iPod Nano. I love every inch of yarn single crocheted on the cords!

Check her out! -----> I chose to follow Kristen Kapur Designs' picture tutorial.

I work from home as an At-home Chat Advisor for Kelly Services for Apple. I enjoy my job being much less stressful with yelling at my computer at angry customers and giggling with my co-workers on our work provided iPod Touches. I can't imagine a better place to be at this time and hope to have many more memories while working from home.

So here it is, my first project of 2015!

I started by locating all of my chargers, pulled out my handy dandy crochet hook organizer, and my obsessively huge yarn stash.

 I show up lock and loaded when I crochet.

 Who doesn't love tons of color when crocheting!

So grungy and dirty.... bleh.

I used a left over skein from creating a pink, light purple, and dark purple baby ear flap owl hat.

I use another Red Heart yearn to add some bright colors my my hot pink iPod Nano.

They look so cute together!

Things I learned from this experience:
  1. Thicker yarn makes it easier to move around when covering all the white of the cord.
  2. Do not cover chargers with breaks or exposed wires (this is not from experience, but training from work)
  3. Have fun, not each stitch is going to be exactly the same!
  4. I can sing Barenaked Ladies songs while crocheting!
  5. I need more colorful things in my life.

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