Project 4 has me Organized Like Whoa!

I had to do a little switching around this week. Unfortunately, storm Juno messed up my order for some beautiful teal beads that I was going to create a necklace with. The owner of Canal Street Gallery promised she'd email me to let me know. I just knew it was going to come in and say it wasn't there.

Fingers crossed Linus doesn't keep me from them.... again.

This was a very last minute switch around, so I wasn't quite prepared for next week's project 5 which was going to be organizing to do my taxes and filing :) Who doesn't love being organized!

Please don't mind the mess, it's been quite busy around here and hadn't had a chance to keep my desk organized for awhile.

As you can see this is my catch all. I practically live at this desk when it's winter haha!

All of the trash has been tossed.

It's all purty now!

I love my 'Mars Attacks!' metal poster :)

Here it is, all of those papers strewn everywhere are now all tidy and organized.

I re-used some old folders I purchased when my fiance and I lived together. As you can tell I had to cover some of them with stickers that I had purchased recently.

Folders I created:
  • Bills (Current/Future Bills)
  • School Mail (Acceptance, classes, loans, transfers, etc.)
  • Insurance (Cards, terms, etc.)
  • Roller Derby (WFTDA Rules, Skate Quiz, Warranties, etc.)
  • Debt/Loan (packets and terms)
  • Tax/Banking (W2's, deposits, account info, etc.)
  • Other (Information I plan to burn or toss at some point in the future)
  • Journal/Craft (Stickers, pictures, manuals, instructions, etc.)

What I learned from this quick project:

  1. I'm really bad about keeping track of W2's and Titles.
  2. I'm getting old and starting to be more like my parents.
  3. I need more folders and a filing cabinet!
  4. I had stuff I forgot even existed.
  5. I love 'Mars Attacks!' (ok I already knew this, but I'm in awe of my poster again)

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