Project 5: Make Tea, Not War

My friend, Shulkie, and I went to Michael's on Friday after waiting to see my sister after her knee surgery for a torn ACL. I must say it was quite enjoying to see Whomping Willow feeling good after her surgery as she was quite hilarious.

Before heading home so Shulkie could spend some time with her man, we made a quick stop at Michael's to grab craft supplies for this month's projects.

This week I decided to but out my awesome rock collection and use some of my polished stones for a project I've been swooning over for a long time. Ever since I was a kid I've LOVED picking up rocks. I was quite the collector haha.

A few years ago my step-dad threw some polished stones in their gravel drive way. I couldn't just let those beauties sit and not be used, so I bagged them up and they stayed in my car as I tried to find out what to use them for.

I finally pulled them out, washed them up, and started putting them together to make a river rock trivet!

I love my rock collection! I forgot how pretty these river rocks were :)

This project is pretty simple. Just some E6000 or epoxy, felt, and river rocks.


What I learned during this project:
  1. This took much less time than I thought it would.
  2. Do a layout of your rocks before gluing them down.
  3. Put something under the felt before gluing (the glue goes through the felt onto the surface).
  4. Black felt may have been a much better choice to look cleaner and match the rocks better.
  5. Felt is not sturdy enough to move this piece.... I need to add cork to the underside.
Now I'm off to clean all the glue from my finger tips and every surface I've touche recently. There is glue spiderwebs everywhere!

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