The Great Struggle and Project 6

It has been quite a busy place in my crafting world. I was asked to make one of my infamous unicorn hats for a roller derby teammate's niece. This hat takes a lot of tedious effort to finish, but I prevailed and finished it for her.

Here is the finished project:

Isn't she beautiful!?!?!

Those ears are too cute :)

I always fall in love with the mane.

After two weeks of mainly working on the mane, I finally finished it and reluctantly gave it to my derby teammate. I always have a tendency to get attached to my projects that I work so hard on. I hope her niece really enjoys it :)

Now, on to my personal journey of crafting 52 times. I have completed project 6 and OH BOY was it a blast! I wish I had some transfer paper to make a few more designs!

Here are the finished pieces!

TA-DA! I have been wanting to carve a stamp for almost six years... 

For my first stamp I decided to take it slow with some easier shapes.

'If only there was a way of getting a better wand..."

My next design was freehanded and was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be.

I'm so proud of it!

What I learned during this project:
  1. This was time consuming, but freely let's me be a perfectionist.
  2. It's opening my imagination more.
  3. I need more space!
  4. Don't do this next to your keyboard or you'll get little pieces inside of it (ugh).
  5. I'm addicted.... what am I going to do with all these stamps?!?!

I think my next couple of stamps are going to be focused more on 8-bit pixel art and geeky things. OoOOooo so excited!

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