Project 7 - All About the Beads...

FINALLY! I have finished poking myself in the finger with my beading needles and can now show off my two newest projects. Only took two weeks and a horrible cold to get around to them.

After getting a hold of my beading kit that I had let my sister borrow, I was off on my mission to re-learn some beading techniques. Not that I was a pro beader, but after a few years I had picked up on a few things to get through a project or two I wanted to try.

I decided to create the multi-strand bead necklace and bead loom a bracelet. I have never created a multi-stranded necklace before and felt that it couldn't really be that difficult to string some beads and attach a clasp.... of course I was wrong.

Here is the necklace I just had to copy because I LOVED the color and was imagining what outfit I could make this work with (maybe next year I'll do a 52 fashion outfits? NAH!):

I'm of course never going to spend $220 on a necklace, let alone purchasing something I know I can make. So I headed to our local bead shop and spoke with the owner who was nice enough to show me the correct clasp and special order turquoise beads that matched. She even gave me a great discount!

In all, I used one hook and eye clasp that is silver plated brass (I don't like to wear gold colored jewelry) and almost 6 hanks of beads. I unfortunately, could not tell you the size of these beads. I stopped by Wal-Mart to grab new jump rings, bead tips and FireLine fishing line as suggested by the Bead Store Owner as well. I purchased all of this for around $35. I luckily already have all of the necessary tools and E6000 glue from previous projects.

So here it is:

I pulled out my bead board to keep an eye on these puppies. They have a tendency of getting all over the place!

Beading station is a go!

Altogether there are 64 strands of thread, 32 bead tips, 16 strands of beads, 4 jump rings and of course one clasp.

It's so beautiful!

Totally in love with it!

What I learned during this project:
  1. If I ever plan to make another necklace, I will be choosing something much smaller haha.
  2. Still need more teal in my life.
  3. I felt the need to be a perfectionist, but in the end it looks awesome!
  4. I need more jewelry for outfits.
  5. I will be finding loose beads all over the floor for the next few days.

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