Happy Birthday! - Project 9

Today is my fiance's birthday! Happy 33rd birthday to the goober in my life! I decided that this week I would make him a surprise birthday wreath that is special for our birthdays and is brought out on for that day for the rest of our lives.... or until it falls apart haha.

I fell in love with the balloon wreath that I came across on Pinterest awhile ago, and thought how perfect this would be when we start our own little family.

So I set out on Monday after work to the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, the Dollar Tree was not selling straw wreaths at this time of the year and their balloon selection was very poor. So off to Wal-Mart I went.

Here is what I purchased (on two trips):

  • One straw wreath (leave in plastic to keep from falling apart)
  • 11 packages of 30 count balloons in multiple colors (7-inch balloons)
  • 5 packages of 50 count greening pins (extra packages for just in case)

After pinning balloon after balloon to the wreath, I was finally able to show off my creation to Mike. He laughed when he saw it at first and then had to touch it. He said it felt 'funny' and is now wants to get it out for my birthday haha.

I think I'll be making my own Halloween birthday wreath.

Altogether this took about 3 hours of pinning along with one episode of iZombie and Jupiter's Ascending to keep me entertained. My poor thumb is about to fall off! I suggest using something on your thumb or using something to press the pin into the wreath.

So here it is!


I think it looks great, just need a few more balloons for the inside.

Yep just a few more since you can see the wreath.

It adds such a cute pop of color in our living room too!


What I learned during this project:

  1. 150 balloons was not enough for this project as advised on tutorial.
  2. Start on projects sooner instead of last second.
  3. Balloon selections suck at most stores... should've checked a party store.
  4. If balloon colors were of choice, an ombre balloon wreath would be awesome!
  5. I'm pretty sure my thumb is literally going to fall off.

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