OMOMOMNIVORE! - Project 10 & 11

Yesterday I headed on an awesome adventure of craftiness with my favorite ginger in the world!

I brought the dinosaurs, gold spray paint, and saw.

She brought the glue gun, crayons, canvas', hair dryer, corn on the cob holders and sushi (she knows me too well)!

With three awesome little boys, we set off on picking out our favorite dinosaurs and cutting them in half, choosing our favorite color corn cob holders, and gluing the holders into the dinos.

The boys can't wait to use them :)

Dino Corn on the Cob Holders!




So much glue...

After having sushi and some yummy wine, we went outside and made some pretty dinosaurs with some gold spray paint.


 Such a sweetheart :)

My favorite ginger in the world making some awesome art!

 The reds turned out so bright and awesome!

 Yay for poop brown...

Can't wait to hang this bad boy up!

What I learned during these projects:
  1. It's always more fun to craft with others.
  2. Choosing a color palette was so much easier as a kid.
  3. Even though it isn't perfect, kids will always think it's cool.
  4. I love children crafts!
  5. I need more hand made artwork for my walls.

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