I'm back! New Hobbies and Interests

It's been a while since I've posted and I do apologize for the absenteeism. It's been a crazy and busy time between being promoted four times at work, no longer doing roller derby and trying to find my zen of what makes me happy outside of work.

Last I wrote, I was in a creek having the time of my life. I LOVE playing in creeks, looking for rocks and treasures. It's so serene and beautiful that you just can't help but sit and take it all in. The sounds of the water moving across the rocks, woodpeckers tapping away and the silence of technology. Being that I work from home and run multiple teams of tech support Advisors, I need that time to step away and reflect on things. We, as a society, get too wrapped up in what's going on with Facebook or taking selfies. I'm sure there's other things kids do these days. But really, can't we all step away from our devices/computers and take in some nature or learn about our history? It's just a shame to see how little folks care about their surroundings, when it's so rich and full of information.

Anyway, enough of my old person bantering. During Christmas, I received a metal detector. I waited all Winter and Spring to get out there and test it out. Then it rained, rained some more and then heat advisories. After waiting 6 months, I've finally been able to take her out and see how she works. Let's just say, my first go around in the backyard let me know that someone who lived here before me fo sho liked themselves some Budweiser. After having enough of beer cans and pull tabs, I decided to head to the creek as I never see anyone in our local park or creek.

It rained 4 inches/hour the night before, so unfortunately I could only so some of the side of the creek a short distance, but that wasn't stopping me from finding some treasures! As I went, I noticed I was getting A LOT of signals that no matter how much I dug, I wasn't finding anything. Then there was the balancing act of not dropping the metal detector in the water and digging. Don't forget that the pinpoint is also not water proof. D'oh! So after being frustrated I took a seat and just took in the creek and scenery. It was worth taking that moment to remind myself that this was a beautiful place and that I'd always get to come back and try again.

It's so FLUFFY!

Love taking photos of mushrooms <3

Noticed I was sitting next to a moss covered rock.

After trying the creek, I decided I wanted to take a try at doing our local beaches. I purchased a sand scoop online and today took off to get permission from the parks department and see what I could find. I ended up having some great success and started next to a jungle gym hoping to find some coins. I did find $0.26 and quite a few nails. I'm glad I was able to locate those to keep children from getting stabbed in the feet by those. Ouch! I got super excited at one point thinking I found a very large pendant, but it ended up being a very large sinker.

I ended up digging 14 holes on half of the beach for two hours before it was time for me to adult for the rest of the day. I hope to get back out there and do the other half again soon.

Here are my finds for both times I went out (Creek at the top; Beach at the bottom):

Not bad for my first two times :)

Next on my list:
  1. Set up a metal detecting belt for land and water detecting.
  2. Buy a waterproof pin pointer
  3. Contemplate if I want to joint he others I idiolize on YouTube and make my own videos...hmmmm.
  4. Continue to set up my backpack with essentials for best practice and safety.
  5. Locate a ring!

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